Sunday, May 23, 2010

why i cry when i watch transformers 2...

it's not what you think...i actually love the sequel! i will probably love the next one, too! it's the signifigance of a reconstructed life (mine) and how Optimus Prime embodies change that brings the tears. I tried to explain it out loud a couple of times this week. Once to MDH, who knows I will rave and rant about anything that inspires me to tears and does a commendable job at following or attempting to follow said rants. I think mostly he nods yes and smiles at me so i think he's listening and possibly understanding. Then, I shared with some of fellow work friends. They all seem to be laughing on the outside of the joke that isn't a joke. Every once in awhile, i think LQ gets it, but I know I don't make sense to them.

The rant went something like this...Optimus makes this speech about our worlds working together blaha blah blah but really I hear we can make a difference, we can change things and what if small handfuls of people start small by cutting up there credit cards and stop relying on loans and credit and start building our own small worlds where bartering is acceptable and we trade for what we need. you need your house painted, we need veggies from your garden, instead of putting money out there, we trade and exchange. Soon, you have what you need and i stop wanting for things that aren't makes more sens e in my head, i guess....

Sunday, May 9, 2010

i wanna fly like..


I don't even like flying in a commercial airplane, i feel like i have relinquished all control to some guy who may or may not have had too many cocktails at the airport bar. it's like getting into a large cab with hundreds of other people. i suspect it's similar to why i don't like movie theaters.

however, i did like the thrill of my first airplane ride in a small 12 passenger plane! it was terrifying in all the right ways for me! the fear was not of the flying, it was of the unknown. and i could see the pilot- he was sitting right in front of me. i am pretty sure he hadn't had a single cocktail that morning.

i wanna fly like colton. not the up in the air kind, the i went off the grid and exist only for my destined purposes flying! outlaw or criminal or folkhero, this kid is doing what he wants after being shat on by our world. every delusion is evident in his story. the mom who didn't raise him being interviewed, the friends who he left behind, but mostly a kid who , like most of us, is doing the best he can do with what he's been given. GO COLTON!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

today, we dance!


my pals at work played this song over n over n over n over....
and at first, i rolled my eyes. by the 5th time it played, i remembered that i like the blackeyed peas. i like the simpleness,
the catchiness, the way it makes me wanna jump up n down n bust out some bad ass dance moves. it's the perfect song when you don't
want to think, just dance. and then i went in the backroom and madonna's first album was playing. I felt the dejavu of dancing around
my room, getting ready to go to dance clubs with happy, dancing girls n boys...then i watched this video and got that feeling again.
I like that feeling! thank God for pop music!