Saturday, November 13, 2010

another doll!

This is Hannah's doll...I didn't make it this week and she has a face and hair now...I guess I should take some pics of it!

and then there was...

The Mermaid Doll....

I love mermaids! This one is a version to be played with, although I made one recently for my friend, Kelly, that is what some may refer to as an "art doll". I think that term is irrelevant as life is art and everything made is art. I am also not fond of the separation of art and craft...

nonetheless, I love making dolls!

I hung out with my niece, Charlotte last night and was informed the doll I made her for her birthday has quickly become her favorite! She takes it everywhere with her! That pleases me! When I gave it to her with a matching dress, she was not enthused. But she's 2 and they are enthused by Elmo so...I have tough competition!

This doll will be completed this weekend. If you were wondering, I made my own "pattern", which means I draw out what I want it to look like then start cutting my fabric according to my drawings. I have no patience for store bought patterns and my ideas aren't usually the same as pattern designs, so I just go for it. Wing it, if ya will.
She is stuffed with cotton balls because they are cheaper than poly fill and small enough to work with.

and on the first day, she made...

Here is my first creation this week....
a kickass kick drum cover for Adam's drum!

It embodies Wild Talents, don't you think?

there is now a bass cabinet cover in progress...mostly, i just have the muslin measured out. I will paint it tomorrow.

I am slightly obsessed with black birds. Ravens and crows. I like the folklore surrounding them and I especially like that they are guardian birds. Myth says they are evil, but true folklore begs to differ and so do I. The Natives believe they are spirit animals and I am cool with that. Whenever I see a group of them in the parking lot when I pul into my parking space at work, I believe they are like "don't forget we are here to remind you to have a great day". Thanks for that, Big Black Birds!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

making things

polymer clay
rubber stamp
ink pad
poked holes

Psalm 13:5, "But I trust in your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in your salvation." (NIV)

Monday, November 8, 2010

I have not posted in soooo long! but I feel like I am going to commit a couple of things to me...

I am super obsessed with making all the gifts I give for the Holidays myself....and repurposing pretty much everything. I look at piles of stuff and dream about what they could be turned into. So, I have fav blogs I follow and I can spend 2 hours browsing all my fav ideas and brand new ones. The time has come, tho, for some action! and some regrouping. new commitment is 30 days of handmade, repurposed creations. If I can do one a day, I will have plenty of gifts to give, right? and maybe a feel good from making so much awesome stuff out of things we would have thrown away...

Firstly, tho...
I'm gonna need to clean up my work space and organize some stuff.

I have to not make everything all at once, which is very hard for me!
I am so known for starting 5 things and leaving huge messes for weeks on end.

Who am I kidding...months sometimes.
in the case of my awesome Halloween tree...2 years ! Yep- 2 years of moving it from the dining room to the basement to the backporch to the basement to the laundry room. My fam is so tired of looking at it,. I think we were all relieved when it was FINIS!

Really, I am baffled by how other people stay is the hardest of hard things for me to do. I make lists and piles...
starting today, I am going to do the things on my list, which means I have to simplify and not make the list irrationally. There are so many things I want to do, so maybe making half the list what I need to do to have a nice, clean house and then the fun things that are also for others. Half and half- that should do it!

Here are some great pictures of my awesome Haunted Yard! Halloween is so fun!