Saturday, November 13, 2010

and then there was...

The Mermaid Doll....

I love mermaids! This one is a version to be played with, although I made one recently for my friend, Kelly, that is what some may refer to as an "art doll". I think that term is irrelevant as life is art and everything made is art. I am also not fond of the separation of art and craft...

nonetheless, I love making dolls!

I hung out with my niece, Charlotte last night and was informed the doll I made her for her birthday has quickly become her favorite! She takes it everywhere with her! That pleases me! When I gave it to her with a matching dress, she was not enthused. But she's 2 and they are enthused by Elmo so...I have tough competition!

This doll will be completed this weekend. If you were wondering, I made my own "pattern", which means I draw out what I want it to look like then start cutting my fabric according to my drawings. I have no patience for store bought patterns and my ideas aren't usually the same as pattern designs, so I just go for it. Wing it, if ya will.
She is stuffed with cotton balls because they are cheaper than poly fill and small enough to work with.

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