Saturday, November 13, 2010

and on the first day, she made...

Here is my first creation this week....
a kickass kick drum cover for Adam's drum!

It embodies Wild Talents, don't you think?

there is now a bass cabinet cover in progress...mostly, i just have the muslin measured out. I will paint it tomorrow.

I am slightly obsessed with black birds. Ravens and crows. I like the folklore surrounding them and I especially like that they are guardian birds. Myth says they are evil, but true folklore begs to differ and so do I. The Natives believe they are spirit animals and I am cool with that. Whenever I see a group of them in the parking lot when I pul into my parking space at work, I believe they are like "don't forget we are here to remind you to have a great day". Thanks for that, Big Black Birds!

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