Wednesday, August 26, 2009

but this cover is pretty good, too!!!

my friend says this is the best REM song...

...he may be right.


today is a great day! yesterdy was, too! and, by the way, Sunday was also pretty great. I'm jealous of myself sometimes that I get to have so much fun!!

Heard the 2 new radiohead tracks, mindblowing, i was speechless(almost)- thank you, IK!! you make me smile with your love for music! I spent some time with some friends hearing new tunes, going new places, pouring my heart out onto tabletops and eating delicious food! the ears become open when my heart & my mind open, too! I can be so happy sitting on a wooden floor, just listening...crickets fill the holes..

I'm like ET- my heartlight glows! singing this one too many times with my mom around proved to be a bad move..not everybody loves neil diamond like i do!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Monday, August 17, 2009

and how!!

today is a brand new day!
Here's what Hannah thanked god for this morning...
the beautiful day
our family
her brother
going to mamaw's for the day!
Here's what i thanked god for today...
our beautiful family
a sunny day
a new job prospect
new friends
Hannah knowing god without question
being sober today, yesterday, all the days!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

i twist it up real fine

Here is where I turn into a 12 year old? no, I just like what i like and i don't care what that brings. :) This looks AMAZING! and i can't wait for November yo see it the very first night and then possibly break my own record of how many times i see a movie in the theater. shape shifters are cool. I love Avatar!

So, back to my life in the real world, which also feels rather movie-esque at times, here's the skinny...I was going to go to see rarariot in september with loohoo and dan for their birthdays, but now I am going on vacation!! to Emerald Isle! my nephew is coming home from Iraq and we are going to meet the freedom bus and welcome him home!! I can't wait to see him! here's the movie comparison...wait for it...doug's (my nephew) transformation from high school football player to Marine is very similar in my twisted mind to Jacob going from awkward teenager to teen werewolf. that's one of the reasons i love new moon so much! :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

my birthday is funner than...

so, I realized this week that I have awesome friends- many, many awesome friends! All different kinds of friends! I am so in love with all of them! Each in different ways, each for their beautiful qualities and quirks! With each friend comes a gift to start my life a new and to give back to each friend what has been so freely and lovingly given to me- the heart, the trust, the honesty, the forgiveness, the patience, tolerance and kindness that every living thing deserves. Even me, especially you. As I go about my day, if I can be helpful, if I can behave as Jesus does, if I can stay alive in the moment without looking too far ahead, if I can be the woman God wants me to be, or at least somewhat close, I will continue to have a bounty of loving friends. And they will have one, too.
Monday night, my friends gathered and one said faith, hope and love and the greatest of these is love and the room was full of all three and I had to sit in takes the breath from me. I love Monday nights, I love being surrounded by love, I love my home and the love it fills up with each and every day. My life is amazing!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

i am more in love with this everday

as the rain fell....

seeing a deer in a field on the side of reed hartman highway struck me tragic..not that it seemed in danger, but more that it seemed lost and so out of made me feel sad to be human.i was thinking how we'd destroyed our big, beautiful world with excess and greed. i couldn't help myself, i was thinking how our only hope was a new generation of pe ople who did care and ty to make a difference, doing whatever it is i can less of a consumer, ride my bike more, recycle everything. keep fighting to make the world better for my children.
then i got happy as i leaned my head back, counting clouds, watching hannah squeal in delight thru the sideview mirror. the wind whipped thru my hair. the jeep lurched a little, bouncing along at a medium pace, headed to our house. the rain took me by surprise! we pulled under an overhang at one of the many buildings, mdh had spotted it before i did. we worked quickly to pull up the soft top and secure it in place. as we pulled back out into the downpour, i knew the kids were safe and i felt good.