Tuesday, August 11, 2009

i twist it up real fine

Here is where I turn into a 12 year old? no, I just like what i like and i don't care what that brings. :) This looks AMAZING! and i can't wait for November yo see it the very first night and then possibly break my own record of how many times i see a movie in the theater. shape shifters are cool. I love Avatar!

So, back to my life in the real world, which also feels rather movie-esque at times, here's the skinny...I was going to go to see rarariot in september with loohoo and dan for their birthdays, but now I am going on vacation!! to Emerald Isle! my nephew is coming home from Iraq and we are going to meet the freedom bus and welcome him home!! I can't wait to see him! here's the movie comparison...wait for it...doug's (my nephew) transformation from high school football player to Marine is very similar in my twisted mind to Jacob going from awkward teenager to teen werewolf. that's one of the reasons i love new moon so much! :)

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