Saturday, August 1, 2009

as the rain fell....

seeing a deer in a field on the side of reed hartman highway struck me tragic..not that it seemed in danger, but more that it seemed lost and so out of made me feel sad to be human.i was thinking how we'd destroyed our big, beautiful world with excess and greed. i couldn't help myself, i was thinking how our only hope was a new generation of pe ople who did care and ty to make a difference, doing whatever it is i can less of a consumer, ride my bike more, recycle everything. keep fighting to make the world better for my children.
then i got happy as i leaned my head back, counting clouds, watching hannah squeal in delight thru the sideview mirror. the wind whipped thru my hair. the jeep lurched a little, bouncing along at a medium pace, headed to our house. the rain took me by surprise! we pulled under an overhang at one of the many buildings, mdh had spotted it before i did. we worked quickly to pull up the soft top and secure it in place. as we pulled back out into the downpour, i knew the kids were safe and i felt good.

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