Tuesday, July 28, 2009

how the stars feel

there are so many things i love today....
i am listening to the horrors, which i just got yesterday. i love i! it reminds me of how much i love joy division! :) also, enlou...5 songs is not enough, but it has to do and it does...my stereo in my car doesn't comply unless a cd is brand new and not a copy, so Enlou is perfect! I do not love recording that much, but i love the idea of it!! i love Matt's guitars and the sounds that come out of them! i love Jen's scientific mind! i love reading and falling into a book i can't put down! i love meeeting new friends! i love safety nets and realizing they weren't there to begin with. i love seeing smiling faces when i wake in the morning...i love bright eyes, i love paintbrushes, i love it when an old friend picks me up to hug me and spin me in circles and especially when they sat i love you!

1 comment:

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