Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I made some new friends..

When I least expected it, I made some new friends. I did not go seeking a new batch of pals, it just sorta happened that way. Let's see, I went someplace and met some folks and kept meeting them over and over....

something happened one night, a change. Instead of searching through a sea of faces, unable to focus or listen, I stood very still and there they were. Like birds on a wire, each of us landed, lightly, cautious, quiet. Without a struggle, the friendships formed. Hands held while likes and dislikes discussed themselves, a fire, a smoke, a drink for some, a circle formed, tight. My mind conjures unicorns and rainbows and best friend necklaces, yours may conjure writing songs and singing them or baking cupcakes and sharing them. No matter our perception, here we are. A beautiful circle!

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