Saturday, May 9, 2009

I'm having some difficulty figuring out a couple of things..
how to add other people's blogs to my own page as I have seen on other blogs I follow. And explaining to the important people in my life why I would have a blog and not share it.

The first seems easy enough to solve- I ask someone for help.

The other- well, I just started this to have a place to ramble when I wanna, and seeing how someone I live with hears me ramble on far too often all ready, I figured I would spare them the mundane prospect of also reading said rambles.

Here comes the guilt- do I have a secret worth sharing with the world and not him?
Obvious answer is of course not. Not so obvious answer, do I wish I did? Sometimes. Like a body double, I ride in the front seat through McDonald's Drive Thru and reluctantly get food from a corporation I both love and hate. I think about my life as I stare out the window at the Starbucks my children are all too familiar with on our way back from Old Navy and think to myself...I thought it may be different. I thought we'd live in an urban neighborhood and not 2 minutes from Kenwood Towne Center. I used to think I would never shop there, now I love to.

to be continued.....


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