Friday, May 8, 2009

is spontaneous combustion simply an angry firestarter?
That's my theory! Also, would it be the mother or the daughter and how would you prove which it was? or both?

Is Darth Maul truly that dark that he doesn't need to use words or is he simple?

If I committed to writing a one woman show and actually performed it, I'm quite certain both of those burning subjects would be addressed, as well as many others.
Such Flash Gordon's theme song by Queen really worthy of a whole dance routine with costumes and a floor plan layout for an entire marching band with flag corp?
Have I really discovered Darth Maul's long lost diary? Would I be willing to share the contents of it?
Is a keyboard solo medley music or torture? Would it sound better beginning with "pressure" by Billy Joel or "jump" by van halen? Is the proper ending song "home sweet home" by Motley Crue or would that fit better in the middle? Do I spend countless minutes thinking about this kind of stuff? Is it only minutes because my attention span is that of a flea?

Why don't I tell anyone I have a blog? Because they might steal my dance moves!

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