Saturday, October 17, 2009

today i am in love with...

the FIRS songs posted this about love when I check what new music my friends have been up to!!! I love Funeral PTS 1&2 and Ambient One..excited about a full length album! Also, All the Day Holiday & Josh Ritter have both been heavy in my playlist this week...some friends mentioned an old tv show with Shia in it, so I'm gonna check youtube today for clips...also, tree is turning out well and pumpkins are all dry and ready for some pulp clay!!As soon as I get some clay drying, I'll post the process..I know you can't wait, AS!!
Last night, I gathered with a group of good friends who I love very dearly and had some yummy snacks & great company! A couple of them are leaving for tour for about a month and even when I think of it this morning, I feel excited for them and also excited for those still here...but I can't help knowing that I will miss them while they travel. There is a connection between us that feels closer than most friendships I have ever had, that is special and lasting and it makes me feel very in love and very loved. Thank you God for bringing us all together and showing us what love is...true love ways.

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