Sunday, December 12, 2010

Owl City

I haven't posted in a bit cos i have been working on many projects!

These are my Owls from Owl City.

I recently opened an Etsy shop and these Owls are all for sale there. I am also making these for Christmas gifts!

I have made soooo many....they are made from repurposed and new materials. I love each one, so it's hard to put them up, but I also don't want to work at my job a whole heck of a lot, so I am working on extra income for the kid activities and what not. Also, I want some music equipment and the cashola for it is hard to come by. :)

I am gonna post some more creations when I get the pictures ready...light is so important!


  1. (Love you, Tara!) These Owls Brothers And Sisters are gonna make the world happier as they spread their wings you tucked up behind their sweet faces! I wanna support all you are making... Love, Erin


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