Wednesday, December 29, 2010

where love grows

This is my work desk. As you can see, I have two habits I haven't been able to shake- they get me through some arduous projects. Diet Coke and Smokes.

I have inspiration galore and I love to sit at this art table and create. It's where it all starts, where ideas become actions! I am sitting here right now as I type this. Hannah is laying on the bed watching the Heffalump movie. My sewing machine rests behind me with a well deserved break.

The Holidays are always busy, but when I start each day at this table with prayer and meditation, nothing seems too hectic or to unforgiving. When Jesus died for me, he took all that with him. All I have to do is thank him and praise him! I can do that by using the gifts he gave me and being kind and giving to the world. I hope I am doing a good job!

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