Thursday, February 2, 2012

What I'm up to...


I am working on an inspiring gift for a friend to give a friend.
My head is full of clock the time ticks, I am reminded that each day has value and has the perfect amount of time, even if I don't appreciate it. 
I looked for the just the right image- from the book, from the google search, sketch and dream it. When I paused to look at my child's homework assignments on a science teachers black board site, there it was. The message above, clock and all.
I will find what I need when I least expect it.

Logo by Keith Neltner of Neltner Creative

Craft Menagerie is a new endeavor I am embarking on with my friend, Hilary. We are throwing a craft show! 
Right now, we are finding vendors with work we adore and asking them to participate. If you know someone who has work  worthy of adoration, you can go here and make a suggestion for us. We are way excited- I think you might as well be, too!
The vendor list is growing- we'll share it with you soon!

A beautiful Mermaid, customized! What a gal!
I love making Mermaids! I love it when other people love them! I have books and cards and art and ornaments... 
What a tail!
 I love it most when someone else's vision comes to life in my hands...
In a sea of blue, she looks for you...
Her tail was a lot of fun to come up with. I wasn't sure how the list of colors I was given were going to incorporate together, but they did and this is what happened...don't you think she's cool? I do.
Let's hope for another sunny day!


  1. Always busy with something fun!! How cool!! I just love your mermaids...but you already know that....(o:

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