Wednesday, March 30, 2011

to have and to hold

The future is not here, the future is not ours.

Wild Talents had the pleasure of playing with Great Young Hunters and our new, fabulous friends....Glowfriends! I am listening to their album "To Have and To Hold" right now! Embracing all things shoegazey, lovely, dreamy......

Yesterday, I made some things.
A banner for my keyboard stand with a happy skeleton dancing.
Three Owlys.
Two Mermaids.
Two Top Secret Gifts.
I wish I could post some pictures, but MDH is on a retreat and he took the awesome camera...
Today, I am thankful for many gifts.
I am in love with my life.
If it gets any better, I might spontaneously combust.
Or start some fires.
With my mind.

1 comment:

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