Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hello, World!

I have some news! I like to make things, stuffed things, things from fabric and threads and paints and papers...I like to close my eyes and dance in my head with all the ideas for these things, then I like to pull them, pluck them from the heavens in my mind like little paper stars. I paint them orange and hold them in my hands, watching the glow from the cracks between my fingers. ..their little hearts beat as life is built into them. I like to turn them up loud and dance with them
around my rooms, twirling and sashaying about! Imperfect dances to imperfect tunes! I line them up like collections, like secrets. I take their pictures, posing happily, smiling at me. Then I lift them high in the air, I do not fold them like airplanes, no, their wings still wet with new life. I toss them out to you...and you catch them! We share ourselves and happiness grows- with each creation, I give away little pieces of my Robot heart and my Robot dreams....


  1. Wonderful things, indeed! Of course...I'm partial to the mermaid...

  2. I think she is partial to you, too!