Monday, August 1, 2011

Learning to Sew

My son, Will, is 11!
We were hanging out in my studio/ bedroom the other night, me pounding out some birthday presents, he talking about the game he is playing on XBOX 360.
Out of the blue, wide open, he asks me if I will teach him to sew.

Sitting on the floor, he is holding an artist model, the wood kind on a base that is possible. You know, you use them to learn how to draw human figures. I have never learned how to draw the human body from it, I just thought I would someday and it has been in my studio for the kids to play with. He is running his fingers over it and asks me for buttons. I stop what I am doing and stare at him.

"Did you just ask me to teach you how to sew?"

"Yeah. I want to make some clothes for this guy."

And so, I taught my son how to thread a machine, how to design a pattern, how to cut and sew together what our minds dream up...

Just the beginnings of how we fall in Love with creating! Will's fella and his little jacket! Blue felt because it is easy to learn with felt, IMHO. What should have been a shirt we fashioned into a jacket...wooden jointed dolls are harder to make clothes for than I thought, but he did this in under an hour and, to my surprise, he followed directions well and did a great job! I can't wait to sew more with him!
My friend gave me this- he had two! I came home and it was sitting on my dining room table. I immediately, obsessively answered questions for the better part of 2 hours...for the record, I am terrible at questions about species in the Star Wars universe and their mating habits.
This Bird is the partner to the Bird I made for my niece...
I love this fabric! Owl Bag in the works with Owl friend to match...
My sister brought me a bag of fabric from my mom and I melted! I almost cried when I saw this fabric! I love carnivals! love them! love books about them! love movies about them! love pictures of them! (my faves on etsy are telltale..) Most of all, I love fabric adorned with circus and carnival themes!
There is enough here to make so many things!
MDH is such a great husband! He is always on the lookout for fabric for me, especially the kind I don't have to spend money on! The house he is painting is getting all new draperies, so when the home owner pulled down the drapes, he asked if he could have them for me! A whole pile of Waverly fabrics to repurpose! It feels like my birthday already and it is still 4 days away!
I love a good party!
I love giving gifts!
I love making gifts!
I forget to take pictures of the gifts I work so hard on making....

Always dancing, Miss Hannah!
Always cooler than you, Master Will!
I love this Owl!
So, I forgot to take pictures of the gifts I made....
A Bird pin cushion wearing a Scarf for my niece, Mandy.
A barn full of fabric Ponies for Mikayla, a cousin from Daddy's side of our family.
I will get pictures from other people, but how did I forget to take my own?
Here's how.....
I am busy :)

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