Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dee Dee Doodlebop

Here she is!
Dee Dee Doodlebop!
A two day project of sewing and maneuvering...
really, a month long process of ideas on paper translating
to actual form.
I love working with fleece because it is very forgiving.
There was a lot of hand sewing involved in Dee Dee, not my favorite, but worth every stitch!
Please don't tell Hannah- this is a surprise for her Birthday!
After the party, I will post pictures of her completed...

Dee Dee has a full torso under that dress..
Dee Dee got her face all painted up.
All sketched out!
Fall to pieces!
Dee Dee's signature piano keyboard skirt!
Dee Dee's skirt twirls with her every move! Each key is a separate moving piece.
What a pro pin job!
Come back tomorrow for a sneak peak at Dee Dee....!


  1. This is fun!!! I do like your work!!!

  2. Hee hee :) You made a Doodlebop! Love it!!!! Did you draw the face on?

  3. I painted it! painstakingly.....