Thursday, September 1, 2011


Has it really been two weeks of neglect? I bet you are just dying to know what I have been up to!'s a synopsis!
Hannah turned 5! and we had to celebrate in true diy fashion....
we made decorations!
blowing out the candles!
We made a strawberry cake!
We made paper pom pom flowers!
We had plenty of sugar!
We made cupcakes and a tiered cupcake stand!
Abby from abbydid made a LoRaffe for Hannah!
We made buntings and, of course, Dee Dee!
We smashed a unicorn to pieces!
We learned how to climb trees!
We got school supplies and shoes!
We used lip balm a little too much...
We waited for the bus!
We talked about Green Lantern a lot!
We got Limited Edition Green Lantern Converse!
We rode our bikes to school!

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