Saturday, September 10, 2011

time traveler

I have some new obsessions...some are mild, some consume me!

1. Dr. Who- the Eleventh Doctor, to be precise.

[The Tenth Doctor regenerates, the energy blowing out the windows of the TARDIS and setting the console room ablaze. The Eleventh Doctor screams as he emerges.]
The Doctor: Legs! I've still got legs!! [kisses one of them.] Good. Arms, hands. Ooh, fingers. Lots of fingers. Ears? Yes. Eyes: two. Nose... eh, I've had worse. Chin - blimey! Hair... [notes length.] I'm a girl! [checks Adam's apple.] No! No! I'm not a girl! [pulls a lock of his hair in front of his eyes and looks at it, agitated] And still not ginger! There's something else. Something... important, I'm... [taps head.] I'm-I'm...
[The whole console room shakes.]
The Doctor: [ecstatic.] Ha-ha! Crashing!
[As the burning TARDIS falls to Earth, the new Doctor clings to the central control column, laughing and whooping with glee. He looks up and shouts]
The Doctor: Geronimo!

I mean, how could you not be?

2. The Gypsy Wagon
AKA Pageant Wagon, Vargo, Peasant Wagon
Call it what you want, I am obsessed with not only owning one, but making one...

Now, I am not the only artist who dreams of a wagon for the love of creating inside of it.
Seems somewhat impractical, what with the space restraints and the unsteadiness of it all, but I would throw all of my caution into a strong headwind to have a wagon and subsequently, paint in said wagon. Now, if I could only find a trailer to fit it upon....

I told a wise, badass friend about my dream and she replied
"if you build it, I will come..."

3. (for your sake, I am only listing 3 obsessions- firstly cos my head can not possibly process everything I love and am obsessed with all in one morning and also because you only need small glimpses into my crazy. Please, trust me on this one...)
The day, the countdown, the yard set up, the skulls!
The making, the painting, dreaming it up!
My little brain looks like every Halloween store you have ever walked into multiplied by a million...
need a costume?
see me!
need decor?
call me!
need a skeleton themed cemetery stage set up with props and lights and fog?
please, see me!
These guys are from Dayton, Ohio and I have loved Infinity since the day we met 20 short years ago! When they asked me to help them design a Halloween set, I was honored and giddy, all at once! Their MOTR show will be like no other!
You must come! You just must!

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