Thursday, September 29, 2011

31 Days!
The counter over there to the right says it all really.
31 days of Halloween starts on SyFy today!
The Skulls and Skeletons and Glitter Pumpkins came out of their boxes last night.
Ghost Hunters was really good!

On October 1st, we start our costumes. That's the day when you really have to decide, no more changing your mind, no more switching it up...every night around the dinner table this week, the conversation has gone something like this.

Will: So, what's everyone gonna be for Halloween? I think we all should dress up as Dr. Who characters. I'm gonna be a Dalak.

Hannah: No, we are all going to be the Incredibles. Dad is going to be MR, Incredible, Mom is going to be the Mom, you are going to be the boy who runs fast and I am going to be the girl with the bubble.

Will: No, Dad is going to be the 11th Dr., Mom is going to be Amy Pond and...

Hannah: NO!NO!NO!(she is standing on her chair now) We are going to be animals! (she is screaming..)

ME: Hannah, chairs are for sitting. Can you please have a seat?

Hannah: Mommy and me are going to be ponies and unicorns...
Will interrupts with: I'm going to be a Dalak.

Every night. Mike sighs cause he hates costumes, I am giddy about making a Dalak costume and I have had many fantasies about Hannah's Unicorn costume, should that be what she chooses. I know you are on the edge of your seats, so I will keep you posted. I am pretty sure I am going to be a Mummy this year. If I could just get Mike to be Frankenstein...
These Owls are all stuffed up now, waiting to be adopted!
Hobbes got sent off to his new home. He is fun to make. I can make you one.
A box of Birds! I got a new tree holder for them. Pretty exciting!
Elephants! they are so cute!
Have you ever danced with the Devil in the pale moon light?
Little ghosty! Painted, sanded and stuffed!
My favorite decoration yet!
You can come visit me at Neltners Farm this weekend!
I will be there on Saturday from 10-2.
I will also be at Black Barn Primitives on Blue Ash Rd. in Deer Park
on Saturday from 4-9
Come get Spooky with me!

I will have some Fall goodies in Neltner's Farms Gift Shop!
If you know of a place where you would like to see a smiling Owl face, you know, those stores you go into that make you squeal like a kid in a toy shop, let me know about them, puhleeze!

I hope I get to see you this weekend!

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