Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Yellow Springs, Ohio
Cuter than puppies, yarn bombs galore and a whole lot of tie dye abounds in YS.
MDH & I went up for a friend's birthday party.
Our first cruise thru town showed promise- lots of little shops full of art and yummy goodies!
Three coffee shops in 3 blocks, two comic book stores, at least 2 bookstores, vintage clothing stores, imported collectibles. I'm glad we brought cash!

Flowers make everything cute, I can't resist a sweet windowbox full of colors!
These shears are perfect! Wish I had some!
On the road into town, there are acres upon acres of blooming sunflowers!
Our campsite at John Henry- a national park. Full of raccoons. Do not camp on the edge of the treelike. Our campfire stayed lit all night despite the thunderstorms. If you are looking for a reliable, waterproof tent, we would highly suggest a Marmot. We stayed cozy and dry all night, despite torrential downpours. I would highly recommend Scrabble to get you through said torrential downpours...
Yarnbombs on literally every street sign!
Aren't they sweet?
Mermaid <3
Hello, lovely!
If you don't know about fracking, just say it in a loud whisper in YS and someone will surely explain it to you. A process that involves drilling for natural gas by paying people small amounts of money to poison them and all of the surrounding land, wildlife and people. Sounds great, right?
Woodcarved mermaid by Ken, who we met at the Artists collective. He also does erotic wood carvings, if you are ito that sorta thing, He is very interesting, to say the least.
Ken had a plethora of knowledge about wooden bobbins. I was fascinated!


  1. Cool pics! I haven't been up that way in a long time! Looks like we might just have to go there soon! Love the mermaids...of course!!

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