Monday, August 15, 2011

is Autumn here?

Sitting in my dining room chair with the cool wind blowing across my back, the air smells like the start of school...the images dance like playthings. Walking two blocks to school in newly pressed dresses, knee socks pulled up high, mary jane's clicking the pavement. Monkey bars with daddy long legs, meeting friends out front. Crossing guard duty, in the school early, before some of the teachers even. The calm and quiet of the empty school. The crossing guard closet...hanging up a backpack and slipping on my orange crossing guard gear. A new windbreaker, reversible, purple stripes. My bowling bag, heavy, but worth the haul for after school bowling club. Recess spent indoors, watching Mr. Magoo, hearing the lightning outside the auditorium. Backstage, behind the curtains, waiting for the lights to come up for the dance recital, then sashaying across the stage to stand next to Jeremy, the cutest boy in sixth grade. Singing "yesterday" and having a solo in alto and being happy to be able to sing soprano, too. The student bookstore, the lunch line, I swear I just tasted cardboard pizza and instant potatoes with congealed "turkey" gravy....tetherball and four square. Singing Grease songs on the playground. The school carnival with all of the rides and games. Working the booths and watching my mom run the PTA like a gangbuster. Ballet lessons, baton twirling, my love for sequins and bows develop! I know someday the crisp autumn air will bring memories back for my children, I wish for all children. I wonder what their memories will look like...

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