Friday, August 5, 2011

Turning a Year Older..

As I expressed in an earlier post, October is approaching. Something happens to me this time of year, when ghouls and ghosts, bats and spiders fill my brain and they have to come out, one way or are some deign concepts I am working on bringing to the Dr. in the lab, the Monster will rise!

what looks so pretty on paper translates to fabric in a morose way...
My newly redesigned studio (yes, again!)
Inspiration! Oh, Edward! I love your scissorhands!
Capt. Jack guarding the glues...
My Mom and Dad!
Blowing a lot of hot air around...
I love these things!
I love gifts! surprises! presents!
Next time you see me at a Craft show, I'll be under this...
Hey- did you know? I love OWLS!
Strawberry and chocolate swirled birthday cake!
The Greenhornes
Thank you, Sarah! I love it so much!
Totally escape!
Yesterday, I celebrated another Birthday! My 39th one....I had a great day! Come see what I got!

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