Monday, November 14, 2011

I heart you!

 I have been a busy bee, you see...making things. Mostly, dreaming of finishing all of the things I must make in order to start these dolls I am dreaming of. The prototypes are good, they just need to be developed. Oh. love!
 All of these went up in my Etsy shop yesterday...come visit!
 I am learning how to take better pictures...sometimes, they look good. Other times, 150 photos are all junk. I admire photographers- it isn't easy.
 I am going to be at Sycamore Art Fair on Saturday from 9-4.
 I am doing more framed fabric work. I like it! A lot!
 I will also be at Ink Bleeds 3 on FRiday night- I hope to see some of your faces!
 People are inherently good. The bad things are learned.
 Animals are who they are without the influence of commercials or money or products. They don't care what their "look" is. I love them for that.
 Tom Petty makes me feel giddy inside...
 Season 6 of Doctor Who is captivating...don't tell me what happens! I know I'm way behind, but I'll catch up. I already had a spoiler alert about River Song and I don't want to know!
 Breaking Dawn comes out this weekend. This is the first time I don't have first or second day tickets to see a Twilight movie. The theater is full of girls screaming, so I thought I'll go by my lonesome during the day when all this screaming girls are at work...
 American Horror Story. that's all I can tell you.
 Tom Waits, heavy rotation.
 I know something you don't know.
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  1. Love these! (But...where are the mermaids?)


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