Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Our Halloween

We got Super Spooky this year...
Hannah said "our house is extra scary" after a jaunt around grandma's neighborhood, where the Halloween is more Pumpkin than Ghoulish Graveyard!
TARDIS Pumpkin! Yes, I impressed myself even.
Will carving his bowtie pumpkin- he is so excited to be using a knife!
Hannah's baby pumpkin! She was so sick this year that not a lot got her excited. She missed her party and went Trick or Treating without her ghost costume. It made her skin feel funny.
Haley came T o T with us! She and Hannah agreed on the Crown as a good alternative to the ghost costume. Yes, I made a Ghost costume. Yes, it sat in the dining room. Maybe she'll be a ghost next year...
Our little Queen!
I love the reflections in the window of the bat and skull. I made those bones. Next year, they will join a body for a life size marionette. It's a dream I have had for awhile- I just didn't have time this year..
The Doctor and his Companion!
Perfect Halloween sky.
Our Haunted Homestead!
I am the wind blowing thru your hair...
Handcut Haunted House that has made it thru about 8 Halloweens- one of my first hand made decorations for our house.
Spooking up the front yard is fun!
a glow...
I see you...
Rag and Bones
What's he smiling about?
Living Dead
We're all lit up again.
Ravens love Tombstones, you know.
Bela Lugosi's not Dead, but his Beloved certainly is.
Have you ever splurged on the perfect decoration and then get giddy when you pull it out? That's these fences, I love them so much.
Team Void, parts unknown.
Lurancy Vennum. She is Dead, too.
Even our plants are a little creepy this time of year!
We had a really great Holiday! I'm always sad to see it, we start the plans for next year! When August rolls around, we all know it's time. Watch that counter- it will go by quickly!

Happy Halloween!
Hope yours was spooky, too!

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  1. Looks Super spooky and super fun! Happy to see you at Tangled Happy. Wishing you a happy week. :)