Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I have a beautiful friend who sends me a gratitude list every day. I am so thankful for her list- it lifts my spirits when I am moping and it reminds me that ever day, I have at least 10 things to be grateful for. Today, I am gonna tell you some of them....
 Gifts from God.
 My awesome, beautiful children! I love spending time with them, I even look forward to it every day!
 A country where I can speak my mind, that's always changing and that belongs to the people. 
 oh, love! my family, all together, all happy!
 Birds! I am mildly obsessed...some would say rather obsessed. I love looking out my window to see foot tall black birds...
 It's always about Star Wars, isn't it? I mean, it comes full circle back to it. For me, anyway. I get so torn between Sith and Jedi. 
 Celebrating marriage, ours and others! 
 Hall & Oates. Diet Coke. Cigarettes. 
 MUSIC! there they go, playing keys, singing! lights my heart up like hot sauce on spaghetti!
 Wild Talents. They have my whole Heart. I love stepping into that room and freeing myself from every thing else but writing songs and playing them. I love Wild Talents so much!
 MDH and Ray. They both drive me nuts, but I don't know where I'd be today if I hadn't met them. Two peas in a pod. I love watching their friendship- it's unconditional and I love that.
My own bestie, LooHoo. She is so big in my heart and I love her so much! She is beautiful and smart and funny! She loves books and is a word lover. She is kind and thoughtful. When I get to spend time with her, it is the greatest day! The day we met, I knew- we'd be friends forever. 

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