Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Couldn't even tell her own husband about her faith in Jesus...she waited until he was going to be crucified until she spoke up! Even then, her message seems elusive and had I been her husband, I don't know that it would have spoken to me, either. Am I afraid to tell my husband of my faith in Jesus? not all the time, but not all the time, either. Now, the it a different story? Sometimes...I feel safe to write about him on my blog or to tell my friends who also Believe, but what about when it is uncomfortable? what about when it isn't taken well? what about to strangers? then do I clam up and speak out of the side of my mouth? of course I do! I do not like it when I feel uncomfortable! I would tell you about the UFO I saw when I was 8 or about how I believe there are people blessed with "unnatural" gifts, I will tell you about the few cases of documented spontaneous combustion, but tell you about how Jesus saved my life and died for me? probably won't go may feel uncomfortable, too! Today, can I change my ways and speak the truth everywhere I go? Can I talk about music and love and art and not say Jesus name? How can I when my gifts came from God! How can I pick up a brush and spread beauty when I am not willing to say how it came about?! I cannot. So I must change my ways, I must talk about it, about Jesus, about God, about how he changed me from a wicked junkie into a loving woman of God. Here we go....

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