Tuesday, September 8, 2009

my first day...

at starbucks anditwasnice. the people are very pleasant and i did my orientation, filling out a lot of forms and reading manuals. They made me2 different pots of french press coffee- one sumatra, one anniversary blend, both faves of mine, but very distinctly different. I am super-charged! caffeinated! but also quite sleepy,as I stayed up late making t-shirts with my friends and then watching a documentary on Charlie. So, yesterday, I did not do my devotional. I read it this morning and it was about rest and relaxation- i slept yesterday!! :) Today, the gospel is risky business. Exactly what our potluck talked about last night- God doesn't give us this material security. Instead, he offers faith...which begins, in a sense, where reason ends.
God's security begins when we start loving him with our whole heart, our whole mind, our whole soul- and our neighbor as ourselves.
Today, I am so in love with new friends, getting to know them, accepting then and loving them without question! having them in my life feels good! learning to be giving without expectation, loving my neighbor as myself, heck, loving me!!! the world is brand new, i feel like a little kid with new eyes to seeeeee!there is this beauty in everything..and phenomenal hope!

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