Wednesday, September 30, 2009

today i am in love with...

You! and Javelins! and my new record player! dancing to Carole King with the greatest gal ever- little Miss Hannah! and painting nails half pink! and excitement for Sarah coming over! and Halloween- it's coming! black cats and bats and rats- OH MY!! finding bags of halllllooowweeenn presents from beautiful , girls who are good friends! my pals! a devotional every morning made just right for me like porridge in bowls and bears chasing the grizzly man...not eating meat so my brain doesn't turn into a holey sponge! dissension! LPH!!! a great day! a groovy job! an awesome life! man, am i ever in love! God gives me the very best of everything and I haven't stepped foot in Nordstrom's! ah, love! my dreams aren't this sweet!

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