Thursday, September 10, 2009

today is...

my 4th wedding anniversary! so glad to still be so in love...i have always thought of MDH as my John Lennon and of course, I am his Yoko. When I was young, I used to cry whenever I would see Yoko after John's death. I felt so much pain in her eyes. Now, I do not cry for her because she is a strong woman. John Lennon said he was half until he met her, then he became whole through their love. Isn't that beautiful? I am so blessed to be so in love with a man I love so unconditionally.( I think he may love me that way, too!) Then I remember I am human and never treat anyone as well as I should always. Today is not so special because it is the day we got married because our hearts became one long before that, but it is special in that it is the day I committed myself to him and he to I as a family with our son, William. That we shall triumph over darkness and weather all storms together. We will be each others lighthouse, we will be each others Jack and Sally, no matter what comes along.

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