Sunday, May 8, 2011

Crafty Supermarket SpringShow 2011

It feels like I have been waiting my whole life for the Crafty Supermarket Spring Show!

I brought home just a few of my favorite things from the market, I had a $60 budget for the day, so I didn't buy everything I wanted, but I have a new wishlist that just keeps on growing..I am making a Treasury on Etsy of all of them! Check back here for the's hard enough for me to make this post! ha! I learn new things everyday..
Emily Louise Howard does woodcut prints..
I fell in love with many things at the Diggingest Girl, but I couldn't go home without this print..
My favorite booth belonged to Laura Berger, who also happened to be one of the nicest people we talked to all day! Her prints are fantastic! The colors are pleasing, her art is so pretty! Her paintings are on my wish list!
I bought a Mother's Day card from Laura...
Hannah got finger puppets from Wholly Craft and a sweet hat made from the kind folks at DIY Printing...they had an awesome demo right inside the front doors!
I bought some sweet stuff at Wholly Craft from Columbus!
My favorite shirt ever! from Intl. Robot! It was hard to pick just one! I love the designs! and sorry about the folding...and unfolding...
Morninglori curiosities! Paper pulp clay at it's finest!
Couldn't wait to see these little fellas up close!
The DJ played killer tunes! I wish I would have taken pics of the speakers Nick loved so much..
Courtney Fischer Jewelry from Royal Oak, MI
Nick Hill and Adam Lawrence looking dapper in their cardis..
So, there were a few pictures I forgot to take...I love these, too, so I am adding some links for you to check out! Like awesome hand grenade soap at Stinky Bomb Soap, on my shopping list for every single person I know! mywireempire had really cool prints! Rough and Perfect had cool displays. ScreenQueen had dead rats and skulls everywhere! (so you know, I love rats and skulls...)
All in all, an impressive display of fine craftsmanship! Even I, not a jewelry gal, loved the jewelry booths. The Lovely Teaspoon, especially. Conduit Press had books with the insides carved out to carry your "necessities". They even had some "pocketbooks"! The booth I went back to over and over and didn't purchase from ( I ran out of money..) was Off the Beaten Path.
I loved their bags and the Ferris Wheel display! The Owl bag is definitely on my wish list...and I have to mention the birds, robots and cupcakes at Paper Acorn. So cute!
Ok, one last mention for me and that is the amazing cup o' joe from La Terza Artisan Coffee Roasterie. Before I even knew it, I had downed that cup. Well-balanced, just the way I like it!
Thanks to Adam L. for carrying stuff and good company. As usual.
Now, go see this goody goodness for yourself!
Support local art- buy something!
Better yet, make something!

Can't wait for The City Flea!

I'm off to Etsy! smell ya later!

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