Thursday, December 29, 2011

I made this!

Here are some things I made...

awesome Owls....



I made the bag and the child!
Cos every one needs a fancy bag, they just do.
Stockings for those who had none...
Turtles for those who have love.
Aprons to show you care...
about whether or not your friends get dirty when they cook you up a fabulous meal!
We all need a little fancy!
or a lot practical! This is how happy customers become friends.
and happy friends become happier....
sillier. lovelier. bestiestestest.....
how little dogs make me smile!
little kids are the best! they can't hide joy! they share it with us so graciously!
that's why making stuff for the small ones is so great.
making each one special, but different. close to the same enough that there are no fights....
but different enough to know which one is "mine!"
A generation of dolls, passed down.
from mothers to daughters to granddaughters.
to Grandpas.
Thank you for all of your love and support in 2011.
Next year is going to be even better!
That's what the Robot said, anyway.
I believe her.


  1. A crafty and creative soul you are. =) Amazing.

    Followed. Hope you don't mind. =) And maybe I'll see you over at my place some day.

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