Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Merry Merry Merry

 I love yard decorating! I just do! We are so tacky with our Christmas...we may never know when to stop, but once you plug it all in, it just doesn't matter cos it's so pretty.

 The head moves. Everyone knows it isn't real. Still, it's head moves. When we finally put this one to rest, the motor that makes that head will move can be used for good.
 Someone threw that Santa away a gazillion years ago and I dug it out of their garbage, repainted it, put sand in the bottom so it's too heavy for me to carry and it's been ours ever since.
 So quiet, so pretty....
 Stoked kids are the greatest!
 Annoying Orange from her brother. He always gets her the best presents..
 I wish Matt Smith would have showed up in my stocking, but that would have been awkward. I mean if Mommy kissing Santa Claus caused problems, can you even imagine Mommy kissing the Doctor?!
 Seeeeee, best gifts come from big brothers. always.
 We had a Whovian Christmas around here. Glad Amy Pond stayed outta his stocking....
and that is how much I love my new Doctor Who shirt!
At the end of a long Christmas Day, the Angels slept.

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