Wednesday, January 18, 2012

As some of you may know, I am teaching a Kitschy Craft class at the Blue Ash Library. 
I live in Blue Ash. I am, surprisingly, not feeling uber nervous about it. Maybe it's because I made a dozen of the Little Hearts we are going to make then hung them on a tree branch I spray painted blue. My favorite shade of blue, I might add. Maybe it's because it is still 2 1/2 weeks away. Maybe it's because I know it's going to be fun and there are 9 people coming so far that aren't necessarily from Blue Ash. Once I am in the room, it may change. 

I love these Little Hearts!

I love holding a needle and embroidery floss in my hands, I love wrapping it around my fingers with a secret tug and loop, my secret handshake that makes blanket stitches...I love spray paint and coating something to make it new, different, what I have in my head now sits in front of me. 
 I made a diaper bag for my friend's niece. She picked out the Owls (Robert Kaufman fabric) and I set out on a mission. 
 The inside has a pillow, changing pad and extra bag that I like to believe is like a purse when you don't want to carry a purse. 
 Babies require so much! You have to carry every need with you. I like this moment when I can just grab both kids and go! I do have about 2 dozen different bags I carry with me at all times with snacks and water and of course, Diet Coke. But we don't have to have everything with us all the time anymore. A few years back, we also had to pack DS, games and charger, but the kids have kind of lost some interest in that, thank goodness. I was counting up the electrical devices that suck our time last night and each member of my family has at least two, not including the Ipad that everyone fights for....

Do you ever think it's weird, the way we stick our faces in a time sucker?
I think the colors turned out nicely together! I hope she likes it!
I met a gal who sings with a voice that reminds me of listening to Emmy Lou Harris in my car, not so much that she sounds just like her, but more that feeling I get when I'm driving and Lucinda Williams is singing about car wheels on a gravel road. A place where the voice melts into my ears, like chocolate in a double boiler. The perfect temperature, tiny bubbles dancing. I made this bag for her. It feels like her. 
Her band is called Sassy Molasses. She plays a mandolin, among many things. I think you would really like her....


  1. the bags look great! i'm looking forward to making hearts with you ;) XO

  2. Your hearts are so cool!!! Kistchy that sounds like you all will have way too much fun...whether they're from Blue Ash or not!!

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