Thursday, January 12, 2012


I love these fellas! 
way back when, I played with two amazing guys from a band called Sukpatch. 
Everything they did was fantastic.
When we grew up, Chris found crazy spectacular new artists to work with and record. Living in Minneapolis probably makes that easier. When he sent me music from all of the bands he was working with, immediately the Howler EP entered heavy rotation, as did Nice Purse and Total Babe. I couldn't get enough!
Howler was kind and came to Cincinnati to play with Wild Talents. There were like 12 people there. The set was the EP and I danced my legs around. After that, Howler got signed to Rough Trade, home of the Smiths and Aracade Fire, among many. Mindblowing, really!
Now, they tour the UK and Japan (currently), are on the cover of many mags (NME, what!) and are in the Top 100 bands to watch for 2012. 
So, what are you waiting for?
Go, get spooky with them! They love that stuff!
Congrats to Howler and Chris Heidman! 

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