Wednesday, January 11, 2012


In the immortal words of Ozzy-
"I'm going through changes"...
Lots of them. Some are very small, some are internal and some include other people.

Change frightens me like a dog hovering in the bath tub when the lightning cracks and the thunder rumbles.
I know change can be hard, but I am up for some challenges. 
I started working on some new Owls for an event at Arnold's Bar & Grill. Local Local Local. On January 21st from 8-11 pm. I will be there with some other crafty friends, beer makers and local businesses. They have never included crafters before, so I feel very honored that they asked! 
I am starting a diaper bag for my friends niece and this is the fantastic fabric! I cannot say enough about xo.gigi fabric shop! Super nice and I literally got this 2 days after I ordered it! So cool!
As you may know, I worked on my space for a week to make better use of my sewing corner and I did such a good job that I had room for my bass! I was playing a little and my son came up and brought his guitar, too! I love an impromptu jam with hannah on vocals. She makes up some killer songs!
I thought I was going to buy some shelves from IKEA and I really just bought some organizers, like these magazine boxes. I pulled that shelf out of the shed and cleaned it up. Then I perused the rest of my house and found that I already had everything I needed. Except that rug- I also got that at IKEA! I couldn't resist it! I like to have something under my bare tootsies when I'm sewing...
I am still dreaming, in case you were wondering.
I have watched Parks and Recreation obsessively because Amy P. is so funny, she makes me pee my pants. I also have watched Doctor Who (last season) over and over. I had to catch up with the rest of my family and now that I have, I can't wait for the new season. I am not ashamed to admit I have watched the Wedding of River Song six times this week. I just have. If you haven't, I would highly recommend it. 

Tomorrow, I'll share the Valentines Hearts I am working on for the Craft class I am teaching at the library here in Blue Ash. If you are interested, you can shoot me a message! I'd be stoked if you'd come!


  1. I have to say that I can not wait until your craft class!! <3

  2. Hey! Congrats on being asked to the show at Arnold's!! That is so cool!! And I really like what you did with your space....looks like a great place to work!!!