Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Best Saturday

Saturday at 9 a.m., I pulled into the parking lot, listening to "Frau Weihnachten" by Incline District. As I locked the car doors, a familiar melody carried between the buildings, soft and beautiful...
I felt the urge to run, knee brace and all, afraid I was going to miss even a single second of their live set when I realized it was sound check.
JW Mitchell
I am certain butter melts when he sings...
Ryan Gunn
Seems like he should be about 80, playing Harlem Jazz in 1920..

Frederik Kire
Hot Bass Licks keep it groovy...
Really, when I am listening to InclineDistrict with my eyes closed, all the things that come to mind swirl together. It's the same feeling I get when Hall & Oates plays, Tom Waits, a little Steely Dan, maybe some Moody Blues. A good Mazzy Star record (she hangs brightly). Drive-in movies, backyard swimming pool barbecues, a "my day can not possibly go badly" emotion, so it is no wonder I took their CD home, put it up real loud in the backyard boombox and went swimming. Lounging, floating, diving deep under water and coming up on the other side of 32 feet. That's what I want to hear across the wind when I'm walking between two buildings. Or maybe when I have just finished a 5K run...if I was a runner, that is. I am more of a slow walker. Some may even call it meandering. If the cops aren't behind me, I never feel inclined to sprint.

I had the BEST Saturday!

I met Diana from Foster Grants at the Price Hill Pacer! She is super awesome and we talked about music and crafts! My favorite things! Can't wait to play a show with these awesome folks!

After the best two hours, I said my goodbyes to Diana and the fellas and headed off to the Yard Sale of one Ms. Amy Jo Combs. I have to admit, I thought I knew exactly where I was going, but I got a little misguided when North Bend and Cheviot branch. These are my old stomping grounds from high school, so I what I thought would be old hat has changed so much, I got distracted. I got to Amy's though and am glad I made the trek to the West Side!

I bought some great clothes, a few good records and an old suitcase. Also, some fabulous fabric and some hat racks to use for displays in my craft show set up! A rather productive purchase!
I love finding books I have been thinking about reading at yard sales. For .50, I procured "Water for Elephants", a book highly recommended to me by Katie Shaw. I love books about the circus! ("geek love" has always been a favorite. )

I couldn't put that book down last night! I cried within the first 2 chapters when there wasn't anything to cry about! I believe it is the beauty of the words that prompted tears. One of my favorite character names is Grady and there it was in the first 2 sentences. Mostly, I read books and get emotional. I can't read "The Lovely Bones" because I have a breakdown just thinking about it. So, I read a lot of "factual" non-fiction books like biographies or histories. They aren't as raw and I don't end up in the fetal position.

I am an avid fan of the Twilight series. Not fanatical or anything and I like the movies, but I don't recommend them for non-fans. The books, though, are where it's at! When I read that series, four books in five days exactly, I was going through a very stressful time where I had daily crying fits. Those books helped me escape and I believe helped me keep my sobriety. I focused on nothing but Bella and Edward for five days and didn't have to think about my own life. Today, I work with other alcoholics to take my mind off myself. Back then, it was all about the Cullens.
The point being, this book has already got me. I woke up thinking about it. I will think about it all day and hopefully, I'll get to pick it up at some point later today.

By noon, I had already had such a great day, I expected there to be some kind of hitch, a not so great kind. Instead, Adam L. called to see if he could come to The City Flea with me! He is the best shopping partner, conversationalist extraordinaire and all around fantastic music lover! And, he's my bestie. So, I went to pick him up in illustrious Reading, Ohio, home of Talk of the Town and all the bars and wedding shops they could cram onto one little street.

The drive downtown was hot, but we had Sugar Free Red Bull and high spirits!

We found a great parking spot and what happens next deserves it's very own post....
stay tuned, kids!

Matthew 6:34, "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." (NIV)

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