Wednesday, June 1, 2011

it's a good day for....

My new books came in the mail...
true physical, mental and spiritual therapy right there!
A 1940's glider that belonged to my Grandmother, my mother and, now, me! I covered the 40 year old cushions and now it just needs a coat o' Krylon!
Monsters have invaded!
The sweetest carousel is a button and thread one...
Hand tied hair is almost as good as the kind we grow ourselves...

Americana Owls, so folksy! I think I hear a banjo and a fiddle...
I make a mess...and I have a mess of machines to help me! Getting my work space organized is never as big of a priority as it should be. I start organizing, then find a fabric I love and I have to make it into something. There is a possibility I need professional help with this whole organization thingy....who would I call for that?!

I hope your day is exceptional!
Real quick like, I wanna tell you about my Saturday plans cos I am so dern excited about it!

1. 9 a.m. Incline District plays at some walk for a cause doohickey, not sure what that is all about, I am just stoked to see them play on a stage outside!

2. Amy Jo Combs is having a yard sale! On the West Side! I can't wait to go thru her stuff! Oh, Love! As you may know, Amy is the singer for Soapland and an exceptionally fashionable gal! She will have the business at her yard sale!

3. The debut of the very first City Flea here in Cincinnati! It is gonna be so wicked cool! I'm gonna go check out all the booths and visit my new friends at Abbydid and Lilyinflux! You should, too!!!!

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