Thursday, June 2, 2011

heaven sent

At midnight, the whir and hum of machinery lulled his majesty to sleep. The girl who swims with mermaids pressed on through the night, dreaming wide awake in her own heaven. The machine danced under her fingertips as she guided fabric into creations concocted on long winter days. Inspiration had lit a fire deep inside her....there was no putting it out. Time had no constraints, only she and the machine moving as one existed.....

Because I can, and because you asked, I made a delicious Owl Bag with my new machine...
Whitey came in the box with the plastic sheeting still around her majestic whirligigs and doohickeys! She is a beauty! See that fabulous applique stitch? SHE did that! I mean, I kinda helped her, but she did most of the work! She takes in thread and spits it out into magic!
Look at all those helpers I have!
Queenie (I named her already) sewing cabinet and belt driven beautiful history , right there!
Just look at her, would ja?! Can you believe I get to have her in my sewing home?
There is a aura about old sewing machines in wood cabinets that I have a hard time expressing in words. Time capsules, bravery, steel and structure unmatched by this day and age. New machines are plastic and plain. Queenie is a masterpiece!

The story behind these gifts is a prayer sent out into the heavens by yours truly. The day my first machine died, I cried. I love that beastly beauty.
My mother bought her for me when I was right out of high school.
My great grandmother taught me needlecraft when I was young and I had a love for it that gathered dust for a few years.
My mom knew I would come back to life one day and hoped the love for sewing would help me thrive.

We had no idea then what we do now- that sewing runs through my veins. I have to sew like I have to play music or paint or write. There is a deep drive. So, when I lost my first machine, it was devastating. Especially in the middle of some projects with a deadline. My sister brought me her machine, which I love and thank her for. My industrial strength machine was going to cost a small fortune to fix and I only have limited funds. My family pulled together and the hunt was on for a new machine. I met a lady at a yard sale who collects old machines and I bought one from her, but it was missing some key elements, a presser foot bar, for one. I continued on with Beir's machine and prayed for a solution.

God told me to be patient and I would love to say I was by choice, but really, I had to be. I had no other choice.

A friend asked me to make some cardinal pillows for a Mother's Day gift. I did and he loved them. After 3 months of praying and waiting, my friend called and he asked if I would like 2 machines, a newer one and an old one in a cabinet. I didn't know what to expect when MDH brought them home. I wondered if I would like them, if they would be industrial enough for what I do. I sew everyday, so the machine must be able to keep up with me!

When I pulled the first one out of the box, it still had the vinyl peel around the knobs! It is perfect! I immediately set it up and sewed my first projects with it! It is a match made in Heaven, by Heaven!

Queenie has yet to be "tested", but her beauty alone astounds me. I was going back to buy one just like her from the yard sale lady. Tomorrow, in fact. Now, I have one of my very own.
Because...Prayer Changes Things.

Psalm 51:12, "Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me." (NIV)

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