Saturday, June 25, 2011

Like a Birthday...

You know, getting a package in the mail is a lot like a birthday....

I can go to Sew Mama Sew! anytime and find the most delicious fabrics...
These were hard to pick among the many I wanted and they are even harder to cut into patterns. I mean, I invision what I want them to become, but they are so pretty, I just want to stare at them, get lost in their vibrancy, dream about the mind that created them...
Hannah is Way 2 Cute!
great fabric becomes an Owl bag, fully lined with a long strap so it wears like an accessory!
Fabric birds...
I have a black bird that hangs around me, I got her from Black Barn Primitives 3 years ago and I wanted to make one like her for awhile. In a carefree moment, I made one. Then, of course, I couldn't stop...
Yes, I am insane! I made my own business cards...they are hand drawn and hand stamped. I guess that makes them one of a kind...!
Good Day, Sunshine!
Paper- I fell in Love with Paper like Trees and I like to bend it to my will.
Beautiful paper becomes beautiful Owls!
Glitter Paper Owls!
These will be framed and for sale at The City Flea on July 9th!
I love the color combinations, blues with oranges mixed with greens, throw in a touch of's like painting.

Today is such a great day in our Fair Queen City! The river runs thru the hills like a majestic athlete, a steady pace, fast and strong, reminding me of my favorite bike riding beauty, Judi LoPresti! Visit her blog, Miles and Madness- she is captivating! And she won her race last night! I cheered her on from home due to the sleepover that occurred at our abode - I am so proud of her! Perseverance and strength course through every fiber of her toned body! My ambition to create is her desire to ride! Oh, how we love!

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  1. :) thanks so much - though i got 2nd, not 1st - won the fucking preem though! :) thanks for being a friend and guiding me in the right direction.