Saturday, June 11, 2011

Space Age Love Song

I love this song! What can I say...I am a total sucker for a good synth riff and this one takes the cake for me. For years I thought the Flaming Lips version was original until I heard this version. Leave it to the Lips to cover such a great band...say what you want about his hair, mine was very similar back in 1985. Who's wasn't?
I like the blurriness of this photo...kinda represents where I work everyday.
I am making my own cards for ROBOT and well, I'm making them so they are just better that way. I swear, if I think I can make it, I will at the very least give it a great shot. That's what today's post is all about- me, making things.
there are a lot of great patterns out there made by wonderful people, but I can't understand most of them. So, when you ask me to make you something, I start from the basics. I make a pattern...I have some I refer to as templates, but I always make my own so that each project is made by me entirely...
The process of a doll pattern...hands, feet, body!
I always multiply them and cut out four at a time so when I make the first one and someone likes it, I have a second round started. Just the basics, though, because each doll is custom for the recipient....this one is for a friends daughter. It will have a matching dress for her little girl!
I am always trying something new!
This go around, it is all about the hair!
Brown and curly-cued!
These were a pair of pants I bought because I loved them, but I was way too short to ever wear them! I love the fabric, so I made a small Owl bag out of them!
MDH lying on our bed, much needed R&R after a hard days work! Don't you just love our fancy new wallpaper! I do! It even goes up the back of our steps. Now, if I would just clean up my messes, we would have the loveliest bedroom!
For my niece and her Tangled birthday party!
Hannah with a Boa Boa made by Ms. Erin Bean!
Boa Boa Snarf love!

I finished "Water for Elephants" last night while comforting our big coonhound, Mocha, during an hour long lightning storm. She shook and huddled in the bathtub while I devoured the last two chapters like a hungry word wolf. Falling deeply in love with a book is a mainstay in my life and this one has crushed me hard. I am so in love with Rosie, the giant pachyderm.

MDH worked at the circus house in Hartwell where there is an elephant buried in the front yard. The owners of a circus lived there in the 1800's, so the story goes. Intriguing me, the stories of old Circus elephants killing their trainers, the mystery around a travel by train circus...oh, I am enamored by it all. That time period, when we thought things were simple, but full of complications and survival. The Freaks of the sideshow are second closest to my heart, only behind the elephants.
We went to the Shrine Circus two years ago and my heart ached the entire time, for the animals, for the performers. I watched the Trapeze Family huddled together, in their sequins and carefully applied makeup, speaking in a different language from my own and it reminded me that my world is not the whole world and there are still these traveling circuses that families are raised into. After the big top goes down and the lions are nestled in their cages once more, there is a light in those circus cars I may never see. I dream of it, one day, running off with the circus to a place where sequins and pointed toes bring the applause of thousands, day by day, night by night. Where men wear tights and tame tigers, where horses dance in circles with the swoop of an arm, where dainty girls balance on broad shouldered men across the wire.
Doesn't it just sound like a dream!

My own balancing act performs daily...
sometimes, there are sequins!

and the closest thing to wild animals are my feral children and I'm not sure, but I think if I set up a tightrope in the backyard, we could all walk it with ease....

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